Celebrating National intern day and the interns’ lunch with Andrew Lutfy, President & CEO

Business News / Jul 27, 2023

July 27th marks National Intern Day! As the internship program is slowly coming to an end, we would like to congratulate every intern for their hard work and contribution throughout the summer! At GDI, we strongly value supporting young talent by offering them hands-on experience through our internship program.

Last Friday, the interns got the chance to celebrate by having lunch with Andrew Lutfy, President and CEO of GDI. During this time, Andrew shared stories about his inspiring journey which started as a stock associate for Garage. He also answered several of the interns’ questions during a Q&A session. This led to an insightful discussion about the importance of tapping into skills you are good at versus following your passion, how adhering to GDI’s values are the key to success in this organization and how to deal with fear and doubts in our journeys.

Thank you to Andrew for this talk and happy National Intern’s Day to all our interns!