Exciting news: Garage’s first ever tiktok filter, “making headlines” is live!

Brand News / Sep 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a great achievement in our Fall 2023 campaign for Garage—our very first TikTok filter, “Making Headlines” is now live!

This accomplishment is a testament to the passion and ownership spirit of our incredible teams.

We want to extend a special shout-out to Chelsea from the Garage Social team for her tireless efforts, and countless follow-ups with TikTok to bring this project to fruition. Of course, this milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support, creativity, and feedback from each member of our Marketing, Creative, and Fashion Office teams.

Note we will have a special Branded Effect Page on TikTok this Friday to help promote the filter. We are currently getting full Paid Media and Influencer (including Style Crew and Garage Fam) support to ensure our filter reaches as many people as possible within our target market.

We invite you to try out the filter, create content with it, and share it with your friends and followers!