Supporting emerging talent is a priority for Groupe Dynamite! We’re always on the hunt for new, promising talent, and we get involved in many events in the fashion industry, especially ones that involve students. We are proud to sponsor and partner up with:

  • ÉMERGENCE for graduates from L’École supérieure de mode de Montréal
  • ENTREPRISE event at LaSalle College
  • The Fashion Business Uncovered from McGill University

We also host networking cocktails twice a year in our beautiful Atrium. We feel that it’s important for future graduates to meet with our ambassadors and get a vibe for our work playground!

All of these initiatives led to the hiring of 22 summer interns and 10 graduates for our Graduate Rotational Program this year.

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Once Upon A Grad


How did you end up at Groupe Dynamite?

After I graduated, I worked in a recruitment firm for a few months. From that experience, I learned that I loved working in recruitment, but that I wanted to do it in a corporate environment. I have also always wanted to work in the fashion industry. Plus, when I found out that Groupe Dynamite had a grad program, I knew I needed to be a part of it.

Can you briefly describe your academic background?

I completed a Bachelor’s of Commerce with a concentration in Human Resources at UQAM.

What was the highlight of your grad experience?

The highlight of my experience was making friends in the program, getting to meet a lot of people from the business in different departments, networking and being able to use these connections in my career at Groupe Dynamite.

What is your current role at Groupe Dynamite and what does it entail?

I am a Campus Recruiter. I take care of the recruitment for the Graduate Rotational Program and some of the Summer Internship Program. I also do campus events and host networking and recruiting events. On top of that, I also take care of integrating the new grads and managing the new cohorts.

What do you enjoy most about working on the graduate program?

The part I enjoy most is meeting new, young talent and helping them launch their career and develop throughout the year.

So far, what are you most proud of?

Seeing grads I have hired being happy in their roles and succeeding in their careers.


What advice would you give a young grad who would like to work at GD?

I would advise students to try and get some retail experience while they are still in school. Having this experience helps future grads understand the retail business from the ground up and we value that. More importantly, however, we like people that are passionate, self-starters and willing to always grow and evolve in the fashion industry.

As a young grad, how did you feel supported at Groupe Dynamite?
What opportunities does the company have to offer upcoming graduates?

I felt supported by my Managers and Directors and was happy to have been given that trust and guidance. When I started in my role, I was quickly given projects where my opinion mattered and where I felt like my voice was being heard!

In your opinion, what sets Groupe Dynamite apart from other companies?

What sets us apart is the power we give to the younger generation. Your ideas will be heard and valued and you have the power to make a difference and put your stamp on things.


Being an Intern at Groupe Dynamite

What’s it like to be an intern? It’s joining a new company and becoming part of a new team with the goal of acquiring a unique work experience over the course of the summer! At Groupe Dynamite, we’re happy to welcome new talent in order for them to put their knowledge to the test, and to provide them with the necessary tools to advance and evolve in the workplace. 

Many of our interns were enthusiastic to answer some of our questions and to share their experience so far with Groupe Dynamite. Here are some comments that caught our attention:

How would you describe the work environment at Groupe Dynamite?

  • “It’s very fast-paced, but it’s definitely a place where, as interns, we feel included, useful, and important.”
  • “Friendly. At GD, there are lots of meetings and team work is strongly encouraged, which maximizes the exchange of ideas and discussions. It’s what makes the work feel less like a routine, and the day goes by so quickly.”
  • “Pleasant, friendly, open-minded, collaborative… you are given responsibilities and it is definitely not redundant.”

Tell us about a funny moment or an anecdote from your experience so far:

  • “During a meeting for an overview of styles for the new collection, I was used as a fitting model for the team since I wear the sizes that were used as samples.”
  • “Showing my VP how to make a bun!”
  • “After a week of preparing for a presentation, our Manager organized a breakfast for our department! It’s not a particularly funny moment, but it was a nice gesture and a fun experience to have with everyone.”

What are your tips for having a good first day on an internship?

  • “Be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”
  • “You don’t have to be nervous. We are given excellent explanations in order to properly carry out our tasks and to become confident in our work.”
  • “It sounds simple enough, but just starting out with a smile and saying hello to people (especially other interns, we’re all new and nervous on our first day!).”
  • “Everyone is really welcoming. Try to learn as much as you can about your team, it will be useful in future tasks!”

Grow Talent

Groupe Dynamite has always been dedicated to developing young talent.

Through our very own graduate rotational program and internship program, we create a culture where mentoring and sharing knowledge are key, creating an environment in which the future generation of leaders can truly blossom.

We believe in growing and promoting our in-house talent, as demonstrated in this video!

A Memorable Evening With the New Generation of Talent

On May 5th, more than a hundred guests were brought together under our Atrium’s beautiful glass ceiling as part of our spring recruitment cocktail. It was the perfect occasion for fashion graduates to meet with members of our Design and Marketing teams, in addition to a one-of-a-kind visit of our Head Office. With portfolios, appetizers and drinks in hand, our guests had the chance to discuss their projects and ambitions in a welcoming environment. Anna Martini, President, and Andrew Lutfy, CEO, were also there to network with the graduates, giving them a brief presentation of the company and discussing the future of the fashion industry. We are ecstatic to have been able to take part in this exchange with the new generation of talent. See you in November for our next recruitment cocktail! 


GD Culture For The Young

Groupe Dynamite is extremely happy to have been recognized as one of the top employers for young Canadians in 2016. Every year, Canada’s Top Employers for Young People honours companies whose efforts contribute to the creation of programs meant to mold tomorrow’s leaders. Groupe Dynamite has committed to support the new generation of talent in the fashion and business industry. It is, therefore, with genuine pride that we are recognized in this respect. Among the many initiatives that differentiate us from other companies, we are most proud of our program for new graduates, where they take part in a rotation which gives them a chance to gain experience in seven of our departments and all levels of the company before beginning their role. Every spring, university and college graduates from fashion design and fashion marketing programs are offered a paid internship which lasts 12 weeks, allowing them to immerse themselves in their respective fields. The company also organizes several social events throughout the year such as recruitment cocktails, where graduates are invited to engage with our directors and VPs, as well as our President, Anna Martini. In addition to recruitment programs and events, we strive to create a working environment that encourages our employees to develop their full potential. We offer, among other things, financial aid to those who wish to pursue their academic studies, grants for obtaining professional licenses and certifications, as well as integration and continuing education programs for all of our young leaders at Head Office and in-store. Our employees are young–33% of them are in their twenties–and we want to give them a voice, and ensure a bright future for them. We are pleased with the rate of engagement recorded in 2015, which reached an average of more than 90%! At Groupe Dynamite, we believe that it’s the people who make all the difference. We are dedicated to investing in future generations and maintaining a work environment where everyone can flourish. This recognition from Canada’s Top Employers for Young People is proof of that, and we could not be more proud! For more information: