Bonjour from Paris

We’re excited to highlight another employee’s adventurous trip of a lifetime! Part-time employee, Adam A., was recognized for his dedication and top sales performance for the last quarter, and was eligible for a trip to the destination of his choice through the Travel-the-World recognition program.

“I got to see the fashion capital Paris in France, as well as Scotland with a few layovers in Dublin and London! I even got to visit some family while travelling! Although I cannot sum it up in one word, I will always refer to my trip experience as DAZZLING!!!”

Looks like Adam had an impressive packed itinerary!

A GD-style urban legend!

Prizes, recognition, magic and unicorns, oh my! They’re all part of the urban-but-true legend that is our GDA Gala, which, this year, took place on May 16. Our Atrium was completely transformed for the occasion with magical and enchanting decor! The festive evening, which brought together more than one hundred people, included some musical performances, a gastronomic meal, and the presentation of prizes and distinctions.

Now that we were all together to celebrate the accomplishments of about thirty store employees, our Directors and Executives were ready to party! 

In all, 38 prizes in 18 different categories were presented by our store employees who distinguished themselves over the last year. 

For each celebration, Groupe Dynamite is proud to select winners according to the criteria for performance and excellence.  

After an emotional evening, our winners were able to take a few days to relax by going to a spa, after which they were transformed into stars for a photo shoot. Finally, a unicorn-filled cocktail marked the end of the Gala festivities! 

These are no ordinary pictures. They are authentic portraits, in full color!

Vip access


Our VIP Access Program is the ultimate biannual team incentive reward, which honours the top overall store teams who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding customer service.  As recognition, the winning teams are relieved from their daily tasks and are sent off on a VIP weekend getaway while Senior Managers from Head Office step up to replace them in-store! 

Over the past six months, we have hosted a few VIP events. Our exclusive recognition-filled urban escapes include:

  • A one-night hotel stay
  • VIP dinner at a top restaurant in the area
  • Spa day and pampering
  • VIP treats and so much more!

Giving our people a chance to get away from their daily routine is rewarding, but offering them a VIP treatment is priceless.



Here are a few pictures from previous VIP Access events, a program designed to show our appreciation to our hard-working employees.

While winning teams are out enjoying a weekend of pampering, our Head Office peeps are filling in and working the sales floor!


With its ‘’Travel the World’’ program, Groupe Dynamite enables its employees to experience one of life’s richest and most rewarding experiences.

Kristina, a Sales Associate at Dynamite, shares with us her journey and the highlights of her recent trip to Amsterdam.

Q1: What was your first reaction when you heard you had won the contest?

When my Manager called me to announce that I was the winner, I did not believe it at first.  I was in the top 10 the first week of the contest but as the weeks passed I went down in the rankings, therefore hearing the news that I won came as a real surprise!

Q2: Why Amsterdam?

I have been fortunate to have traveled a lot. With twelve countries and several cities under my belt, I can say that Amsterdam was definitely a destination I wanted to revisit. I love architectural history and experiencing different cultures but it’s the old charm of Amsterdam that truly stole my heart. I feel very fortunate that I got to rediscover a city dear to my heart with my boyfriend and that GD made it all possible!

Q3: How did you find the Dutch culture?

When I travel, I like to try new food and immerse myself in the local culture. However, what we ate most were fries because they sell them at every corner! (Fun fact: Dutch eat their fries with mayonnaise instead of ketchup!) I love that Amsterdam has such a laid back lifestyle. Everyone there is so friendly and carefree.

Q4: What were the highlights of your trip?

  1. Anne Frank’s house

Learning about Anne Frank’s story during World War II in school is very different than being on site and seeing it with your own eyes.

  1. The Icebar

At the entrance, we were given a thermal coat to keep us warm since literally everything was made of ice: the furniture, the walls and even the glass they serve the drinks in!

  1. Canal dinner cruise

This is a great way to explore the city while enjoying a nice meal because you get to see buildings that you wouldn’t be able to see on foot.

Q5: What advice would you give to employees wishing to win this contest?

Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Just because you dropped in rank does not mean you cannot win in the end. You have to keep pushing for that exceptional customer service and be true to yourself. Style your customers with your favourite pieces and the recommendations will come naturally.


Travel the world – A winner’s experience

Thanks to our “Travel the World” Sales contest, I had the opportunity to go on an adventure and experience an unforgettable trip to Cuba’s Cayo Santa Maria. It was my first time travelling to the Caribbean, but I can assure you that it won’t be the last! I got to enjoy the sunshine and the gorgeous beaches that Cuba is known for, as well as several excursions, such as a catamaran cruise, a Jeep safari, free diving, and horseback riding in the forest.

I started working at Garage about a year ago, although the store has always been an essential shopping destination for me. I have since discovered a talent for sales, as well as a real passion for customer service. Even in my wildest dreams, I had never imagined distinguishing myself among 5,000 employees and winning a trip! The company’s recognition program allows all sales employees at all levels to feel rewarded and valued for their work.

I hope that everyone has the chance to live an experience like this! 

Nathanaël, Sales Associate, Garage




On The Sales Floor

The grads from our 4th cohort had the opportunity to discover the dynamic environment of our stores, where they got the chance to familiarize themselves with the various facets of our customer experience. Grads also got to shadow our Head Merchandisers in their role, and took advantage of the opportunity to acquaint themselves with our visual standards, our DNA and the importance of our brand image.

The grads will continue with their week-long rotations in each department until July 29th, closely working with mentors and leaders, while enjoying a memorable experience.

To know more about our Graduate Rotational Program, click here.

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Celebrating greatness!

On May 16, we celebrated the success of our highest-performing employees in sales. The winners enjoyed a stay in Montreal where they experienced many unforgettable moments. On the agenda: an outdoor spa retreat, cocktail events, and a professional photo shoot, where our winners got royal fashion and beauty treatment. The festivities concluded with our Gala, hosted by none other than our President, Anna Martini. The GDA Gala is a unique and incomparable event, an opportunity for each employee to be recognized for their exceptional work. Congratulations to our winners!