Changing the game!

Every year is full of adventure, change and excitement at Groupe Dynamite. Each December, our Annual Meeting allows us to regroup, look at the progress made so far, dream about what is to come and discover the new collections for both brands during a fashion show featuring our people.

We are an organization that is constantly innovating and questioning the way we play the game and this year was no exception!

Exciting things have happened: our Head Office and D.C. have undergone complete makeovers: two beautiful mock stores, a new tunnel connecting our two H.O. buildings, more design centres to host all the creative souls we have in the building… and the creation of a mezzanine in the D.C.

Groupe Dynamite continues to move ahead! We continue to believe that we have what we need to win the game and the recent proof of that is the fact that we have once again achieved best in class engagement scores in 2016!

Our strength as a company is our people: always dedicated to the success of Groupe Dynamite. Together, we create a contagious, innovative, inspiring and collaborative culture.