Spring Huddle

Three times a year, Groupe Dynamite executives invite all Head Office and Distribution Centre employees for an assembly to discuss the company’s current strategic initiatives. The latest one took place on May 18, where more than 600 employees gathered for our Spring Huddle, and were given a presentation by Anna Martini, President, and Andrew Lutfy, CEO.

The huddle opened with a grand entrance of the winners from our Showtime recognition program, made up of more than 30 sales associates and store managers, who had excelled in their roles during 2015 through their dedication and passion. These Garage and Dynamite employees distinguished themselves by raising the bar when it came to our customers’ experience in-store, and by motivating their teams to reach for excellence. It’s only natural, then, that the company wished to offer them a fitting tribute that reflected their own contribution to the organization.

We also took the opportunity to announce the expansion of our Head Office, which will grow by 30,000 square feet by next winter, as well as tripling the current number of design centres. We were also informed of the continuing expansion of Garage in the United States, with the opening of 10 new stores under the banner in 2016, including Valley Fair Mall in California. The company sees this development as an excellent way for the stores to propel the growth of the brand.

Brand’s Birthday

It was under a shower of confetti and in an uproar of applause that we celebrated Groupe Dynamite’s 40th anniversary* at our Annual Meeting, on December 11, 2015.

Andrew Lutfy, CEO, shared his sense of pride with all 700 Head Office and Distribution Centre employees while looking back on what was built over the years. We came to realize that success—especially sustained success—in this business is about the ability to continuously reinvent ourselves, stay ahead, and innovate. Forty years of thriving brings a load of ups and downs, and highs and lows. However, Groupe Dynamite’s true greatness comes from all the individuals who have walked through the doors of the company over the years with the sole purpose of contributing to our story. When you add all those up, it transcends into something bigger, which is Groupe Dynamite today.

The spirit of celebration was high throughout the ceremony, making everyone excited and proud to be a part of this special milestone. The Annual Meeting concluded with our employees smiling wide as they walked down the runway showcasing our latest collections, creating a buzz amongst the crowd!

*The first “Le Garage” store opened in 1975 at Place Versailles, Montreal. Today, Groupe Dynamite operates more than 380 stores worldwide. Over the years, we saw our brands and our technology evolve to ensure our growth and success. All of this has been possible thanks to the dedication, commitment and passion of our 1,500 employees.