Meet Adam Aspelund, the Chef Behind the Atrium’s Cuisine

Growing up on a farm, Adam has always been exposed to delicious meals concocted with fresh products. Although he started cooking early on, he was not convinced that this was his calling. It was only after an internship in France as part of an ITHQ’s signature program that he truly fell in love with the profession. Having since worked in high-end hotels and restaurants, and having co-owned a restaurant as well, Adam perfected his cuisine style and grew as a chef. This is a good thing because serving quality food worthy of a bistro, every day for more than 600 people, has its challenges, even for an experienced chef!

We met up with Adam as he was preparing strawberry rhubarb jam and decided to grill him with these questions. Atrium bestsellers: General Tao Chicken and Sushi Pizza An Atrium dish you are proud of: Homemade baked goods such as bread. Upcoming new dishes you are excited about:

  • Poke: Hawaiian raw fish salad is a huge trend right now. We will be seeing more of this kind of food in the Atrium since the tartare is already very popular with employees.
  • Homemade frozen desserts: They will coincide with the summer season.
  • Pickling: You will soon find many jams and pickles available at the Atrium.

Style of your cuisine: Canadian because like its residents it’s really diversified. A chef that inspires you: Claude Pelletier, from Le club chasse et pêche, for having worked with him and learning so much just by watching him. Also, Eric Ripert, chef at Le Bernadin in NYC, for his simplicity. Essential ingredient in your personal kitchen: (without hesitation) Garlic! Something we would be surprised to find in your fridge: Velveeta cheese Favourite recipe to prepare (specialty): Ricotta gnocchi Adam invites you to try his recipe for Ricotta gnocchi, mussels and lardons. montage-1