Groupe Dynamite Celebrates the Holiday Season

Once again this year, Groupe Dynamite got into the holiday spirit with the Kids Christmas Party and the Head Office Holiday Party.

The festivities began with the Kids Christmas Party. Our employees and their families were invited for a morning of excitement at Funtropolis in Laval where children spent the morning exploring the Funtropolis playground as well as participating in arts and crafts workshops. Everyone was excited to see that Santa Claus was able to make it all the way from the North Pole! This was a great opportunity for us to spoil our employees’ children with a pre-Christmas gift and a photo with Santa.

A growing excitement was felt in the company with the approach of the infamous renowned Groupe Dynamite Holiday Party. Our carnivalthemed bash was one to remember! The night was jam packed with entertainment, great food and awesome music. The party was kicked off with a steel pan drummer and brought to life with a Samba dance performance. Our employees know how to party and showed off their hidden skills on the dance floor!

Row, row, row the Dragon Boat

This year, the Dynamite Dragons will be rowing the Dragon Boat for the eighth time! We have raised over $100,000 for the McGill University Health Center’s Cedars CanSupport program since we first started paddling in 2009, and we’re not about to stop now!

Our objective is to raise another $12,500 this year and race against other like-minded companies on the Lachine Canal on Saturday, September 9th. Until then, we will be hosting all sorts of activities to raise funds for this worthy cause. The people at our Head Office should look out for 50-50 draws, a bake sale, 5 à 7 cocktails, and more!

We’re almost halfway to our objective already! Wish us luck!

GD is taking on the mobile app world!

We have some very exciting news!

After a year and a half of hard work, it is finally time for Groupe Dynamite to officially launch its brand new Studio loyalty program!

We have been in the heart of fashion for over 40 years, so we know our customers pretty well. However, that didn’t stop our President and CEO, Andrew Lutfy, from wanting to know even more. Thus came the idea of creating a loyalty program that would not only help us gain an even deeper understanding of our customer, but would also provide her with added value through exclusive member perks.

We kicked off this project in early 2016 with four months of intensive research; we sent out customer surveys and spoke to employees and our customers in stores so that we could get a sense of what kind of program would fit the customer best. A fun, easy-to-use app was the best way to go!

Let us break this app down for you:

  • There are actually two apps: one for Garage and one for Dynamite.
  • Although there are two apps, the rewards you earn will be accumulated and redeemable in both
  • We opted for a fun reward system; the purchases you make will go towards earning badges that each come with their own reward. Earn all six and you will achieve VIP status, which comes with all kinds of bonus perks!

You might be asking yourself: why two apps instead of one? Our Garage and Dynamite customers are so different, two apps allows us to give them each the most personalized experience possible. While Garage’s app will be geared towards social media and fun quizzes, Dynamite’s will offer shopping and outfitting tips. And since the two apps are linked, your purchases will be registered in both apps, making your rewards redeemable at either banner, online or in-store. Oh, and did we mention this app is free? 😉

Download the Garage app on iTunes.

Download the Garage app on Google Play.

Download the Dynamite app on iTunes.

Download the Dynamimte app on Google Play.