A sweet friday

The coming of spring means the Distribution Centre is gearing up for an outing! Every year, to show our appreciation for all the hard work done by our DC employees, we offer them a day of exciting activities of their choice. This year, they opted for a sugar shack outing at La Goudrelle in Mont Saint-Grégoire for a Friday of fun times and sweet treats!

Luck was on our side: the outing took place on one of the rare sunny days we’ve had so far this spring. We sat in swings, went through an obstacle course, and followed some of the walking paths around the sugar shack before settling down for a typical and delicious sugar shack meal. Omelets, ham, sausages, and homemade doughnuts were on the menu – all topped with a generous helping of maple syrup, of course!

Afterwards, it was time to sample some maple taffy on snow, followed by draws for a truckload of prizes by the Distribution Centre’s management team. The employees showed an incredible team spirit that really warmed our hearts; they encouraged each other by applauding and shouting.

After taking one last group photo, we hopped back onto the bus and made our way back to Montreal. I think everyone would agree: there was no better way to enjoy the last Friday of April!


We’d like to thank Jérôme from the Distribution Centre who took some amazing pictures, some of which are featured below.

Our Distribution Centre


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It is not merely a warehouse used for the storing of goods. The Distribution Centre is where all the magic happens! Driven by the constantly growing expectations of our clientele, we are able to develop ways to deliver product faster than ever.

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