Big Changes Sweeping our Campus

The renovations at Head Office have reached their peak, as construction workers have been working hard for several weeks already. By the end of the summer, we’ll be unveiling a completely revamped Campus! More than just simple renovations, this is the creation of a way of life for our people.  It’s the actualization of an incubator of creativity. Among the changes that are taking place:

  • An extra 35,000 square feet of work space
  • 36 new design centres, for a total of 60
  • Installation of several open-concept workspaces
  • A 100-foot tunnel linking our two buildings
  • 1 new photo studio
  • 7 additional conference spaces
  • 1 mezzanine in the Distribution Centre

With this exciting transformation of our Head Office, it will soon become the most inspiring workplace ever!   DSC_1570_small DSC_1517_small DSC_1573_small DSC_1548_small