Meet our Atrium’s new chef, Jérôme Rouault

Meet the Atrium’s new chef, Jérôme Rouault. He’s been delighting our taste buds ever since he arrived at Groupe Dynamite!

Originally from Normandy, France, Jérôme came to Montreal in 2012 to work as a sous chef at restaurant Maison Boulud located in the Ritz Carlton. He also worked as a chef at restaurant Chambre à Part. Having more than 10 years of professional experience in the kitchen, Jérôme also won the 4th season of the popular show “Les Chefs!”. We wanted to learn more about Jérôme and his passion!

  • Where does your passion for cooking come from?

I grew up in a family of 5 children and my mom always cooked delicious meals that were made with love.  Our home always smelled like food and I’ve always enjoyed eating. My father signed me up for an internship with a caterer and another at a bakery. Afterwards, I decided to attend a school in this industry.

  • What do you find most captivating about your work?

I love cooking meat and I especially love charcuteries. This was actually the specialty that I began cooking with during my internship with a caterer.  I also like the fact that there’s always room for improvement; it isn’t true that a recipe can’t be upgraded!

  • Why choose to work at Groupe Dynamite?

I was charmed by the atmosphere of the Atrium, the company’s values and the work conditions. It’s a nice atmosphere and I felt like I could belong here. Groupe Dynamite recognizes their employees’ work and ensures that they are happy. 

  • As the chef of the Atrium, what are some of your objectives?

To ensure good team cohesion and stability, to provide food that is of a consistent quality, as well as a pleasant service. Additionally, I have a couple of projects in mind, such as getting the Atrium to go green and cooking with as many local products as possible.



  • What’s the inspiration behind your dishes?

I’m inspired by produce that is available to me during the current season. What is interesting about the Atrium is that the menu changes on a daily basis to showcase themed meals that represent different countries. This allows me to diversify the meals and to use different spices. 

  • Which country would you like to visit to discover its traditional dishes?

Argentina. It’s a country that is known for the quality of its meat and its different cooking methods. Having travelled quite a bit, I especially loved the food in Japan. They execute their plates meticulously, without exception. 


    • Favourite cuisine? French cuisine! I can’t deny my roots! Otherwise, I really like Vietnamese, Chinese and North African cuisine.  
    • Favourite meal? As a starter, it would be a plate of homemade charcuteries. For the main dish, lobster or a good cut of beef with gravy and some roasted potatoes. And for dessert, an apple tart.
    • Guilty pleasure? A peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky bar! I always have some spare ones at home since you can’t find them everywhere! If not, I’d say a beer after work. It’s pretty simple. Otherwise, during the holidays, I always have foie gras and homemade charcuteries that I serve to guests.
    • Favourite restaurant in Montreal?  Definitely Maison Boulud. Having worked there, I know that the food is of the best quality and that it is well executed. My wife and I also like to get a good Tonkinese soup at this Vietnamese restaurant on St-Denis!

     Lastly, Jérôme would like to share a recipe that’s perfect for the holiday season; a beet-cured gravlax !

    Meet Adam Aspelund, the Chef Behind the Atrium’s Cuisine

    Growing up on a farm, Adam has always been exposed to delicious meals concocted with fresh products. Although he started cooking early on, he was not convinced that this was his calling. It was only after an internship in France as part of an ITHQ’s signature program that he truly fell in love with the profession. Having since worked in high-end hotels and restaurants, and having co-owned a restaurant as well, Adam perfected his cuisine style and grew as a chef. This is a good thing because serving quality food worthy of a bistro, every day for more than 600 people, has its challenges, even for an experienced chef!

    We met up with Adam as he was preparing strawberry rhubarb jam and decided to grill him with these questions. Atrium bestsellers: General Tao Chicken and Sushi Pizza An Atrium dish you are proud of: Homemade baked goods such as bread. Upcoming new dishes you are excited about:

    • Poke: Hawaiian raw fish salad is a huge trend right now. We will be seeing more of this kind of food in the Atrium since the tartare is already very popular with employees.
    • Homemade frozen desserts: They will coincide with the summer season.
    • Pickling: You will soon find many jams and pickles available at the Atrium.

    Style of your cuisine: Canadian because like its residents it’s really diversified. A chef that inspires you: Claude Pelletier, from Le club chasse et pêche, for having worked with him and learning so much just by watching him. Also, Eric Ripert, chef at Le Bernadin in NYC, for his simplicity. Essential ingredient in your personal kitchen: (without hesitation) Garlic! Something we would be surprised to find in your fridge: Velveeta cheese Favourite recipe to prepare (specialty): Ricotta gnocchi Adam invites you to try his recipe for Ricotta gnocchi, mussels and lardons. montage-1