Shop around the globe with Amanda

A few lucky people here at Groupe Dynamite are tasked with travelling to the world’s fashion capitals (Paris, London, New York, oh my!) and reporting back with new and fresh ideas to delight our customers.

Amanda, Stylist and Designer for Garage’s Concept team, is one of these lucky people! She travels around the world to work on campaign photo shoots and even styles the featured models. She is tasked with noticing trends and her findings abroad really set the tone for upcoming Garage fashion lines.

Her job is so cool, we decided to ask Amanda a few questions about her travels…

Briefly describe your last trip abroad. Which cities did you visit and what was your mandate?

The last place I travelled to was California. I shot a lookbook with influencers and attended the Coachella music festival, which is always a great time. I was sent to Coachella to style five of our influencers in Garage clothing. Overall, my trip was so inspiring! I got to collaborate with teens, eat amazing food and above all, listen to some of my favourite musicians perform live.

What are the key fashion items in your suitcase you can’t travel without?

  • My Coach X Mickey Disney collaboration cross body bag (it’s tiny and the perfect size when you don’t want to lug around a huge purse)
  • A few pairs of sneakers
  • This isn’t considered a fashion item, but a notepad is a must! I love to write down all things that inspire me when I’m travelling abroad.
  • My wireless Sony headphones—they block out all noise which is perfect when I’m travelling on long flights!

What is your go-to airplane outfit?

Oversized hoodie, denim and sneakers. Comfort is key! I always carry a light jacket with me just in case it gets chilly on the plane. I am always dressed super casual and comfy! You will never find me wearing heels on a plane, unless they are platform sandals. 🙂

What are your favourite stores to shop while you’re travelling?

Ouf, I have so many! But I think the ones that stick out the most are Dover Street Market, Made in Earth, the Rose Bowl flea market and Kiliwatch. I remember the first time I walked into Dover Street, my jaw dropped to the floor. It’s one of the most inspiring stores I have ever stepped foot in. It’s very conceptual, great visual installations, and just overall so amazing! Made in Earth specializes in gemstone jewellery. The Rose Bowl flea market is a huge flea market that takes place once a month in LA and you can find such special pieces. Kiliwatch is a fun vintage store located in Paris! Last time I was there, Marc Jacobs had walked in with his stylist to pick out oriental floral prints from vintage kimonos. It’s very inspiring!

Which fashion item have you brought back from your travels that made all your friends envious?

Nothing material. What makes them envious is when I talk to them about travelling to such cool destinations for work such as Iceland, Finland, Alaska or Argentina, etc.

When abroad, what is your favourite…

  • Coffee shop? Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—not only do they have the best coffee but also the best avocado toast!
  • Restaurant? Trishna in London is delicious! Best Indian food I’ve ever eaten!
  • Place to get shoes? Hmmm… For heels I love going to the Topshop in London. They have a really wide range of great shoes at affordable prices. For sneakers: Colette in Paris always carries great exclusives that I love to get my hands on… Kith is also one of my faves!
  • Place to get inspired? People-watching in every city I go to! There’s nothing more inspiring than people being their unique selves and just dressing how they want! I love that!

What is the number one trend you noticed during your last trip?

MESH MANIA! At Coachella, so many girls were wearing it! On swimsuits, dresses, tees, bra tops! It was literally everywhere!

Who is your favourite fashion designer at the moment?

I love what Stuart Vevers is doing at Coach. He really turned the brand around. The clothes are fun and the styling in his shows is incredible!

If you could only travel to one of two destinations, which would you choose and why?

  • New York or L.A.? NYC > everywhere! The vibe, the people… the energy is just so contagious and unlike any other city I’ve been to!
  • Paris or London? That’s tough. I love both! Paris is romantic but I would probably have to say London! The fashion is more eclectic, which I love!
  • Tokyo or Milan? Haven’t been to any of them yet! I’m dreaming of going to Tokyo though! So many influences and trends come from there so I’d like to explore it and see what it’s all about!

Which destination would you like to eventually add to your itinerary?

Tokyo! I really want to explore Japan and Asian destinations. The fashion, the culture, the food, everything looks so awesome!


From Intern to Designer

Marjorie St-Jean was part of Groupe Dynamite’s intern cohort in June 2016. Now, one year later, she works within the Dynamite team as a Technical Designer for the denim category.

This spring, Marjorie spoke with students at the recruitment cocktail about her experience at Groupe Dynamite, including some of the following highlights:

Q1: Can you briefly describe your academic background?

My academic career began with the Katimavik program, where I was able to travel and learn about different cultures, as well as learn my second language, English. Then, I studied Fashion Design with a masculine specialization at Cégep Marie-Victorin. In order to deepen my knowledge, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Management at l’École supérieure de mode de Montréal.

Q2: How did you find yourself at Groupe Dynamite?

Following the presentation of the final collections from my university’s end-of-year projects, the recruitment Manager from Groupe Dynamite invited me to present my portfolio at one of the company’s recruitment cocktail events.  Following this event, I was accepted to the Design internship program!

Q3: What are the 3 highlights from your internship?

  • Stepping out of my comfort zone. During my internship, my mentor let me work independently. This allowed me to quickly learn the tasks that the Design team needed to complete in order to produce the expected results.
  • Realizing that my opinion counts! Groupe Dynamite values everyone’s input, no matter their hierarchical status. I was quickly encouraged to share my opinions and learnt to bring my ideas forward with confidence.
  • Participating in the company’s creation process. As Designers, we have a concrete influence on the creative process at Groupe Dynamite. It’s extremely inspiring!

Q4: What role do you currently occupy at Groupe Dynamite and what does it entail?

I’m currently a Technical Designer for the denim category at Dynamite. My role consists of assisting the Senior Designer in the steps leading up to the creation of different collections. I participate in researching different materials and washes in order to get the ball rolling in the creative process of new denim models. 

Q5: As a young grad, how do you feel supported at Groupe Dynamite? What opportunities does the company have to offer to the youngest generation?

We are surrounded by passionate mentors who include us in different projects.  This pushes us to want to learn more in order to gain more experience and to bring something new to the table.

Q6: What advice would you give a young grad who’d like to work at GD?

Go for it! It’s an extraordinary opportunity to gain and develop an exceptional array of knowledge in a company filled with passionate people who are open to new ideas.

Q7: In your opinion, what sets Groupe Dynamite apart from other retailers?

It’s a company that constantly wants to surpass itself, that takes risks and is very open. 


Mini Survey:

  1. The mentor or person who inspires you:My parents, without a doubt!
  2. Your favourite clothing item/accessory: Trench coat that I bought at Zara
  3. A place in Montreal where we’d run into you: Met gym
  4. Your style icon: Victoria Beckham
  5. Your favourite trend right now:Pink, pink everywhere!
  6. Your dream destination: Skellig Islands
  7. The word you use most often: Oh my god!
  8. In high school, you dreamt of becoming:A fashion designer
  9. To take your mind off of things, you… go for a run by the water
  10. Your guilty pleasure:Sewing

Click here to learn more about our Internship Program.

The perfect fit – Part III

This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating friendships! We spend so much time together that we’re bound to establish close ties with our colleagues. We identified six pairs that work especially close with one another, and asked them fun questions about their workplace relationship.

Keep reading for a closer look at two of GD’s favourite work duos!

Meet Jean-François and Melissa

Jean-François is Garage’s Director of Creative Services and Melissa is the banner’s Senior Manager of Marketing. They work in synergy to develop, implement and maintain Garage’s brand image through our various channels including photography (marketing campaigns), stores and transactional website.

Describe each other in one word.

JF: Melissa is smart.

Melissa: JF is organized.

What’s your colleague’s morning drink of choice?

JF: She has a latte.

Melissa: He likes water.

What makes your colleague such a good partner?

JF: She is always calm and doesn’t get overwhelmed easily. She is very dedicated. She’s an expert in what she does and works very well in collaboration with our teams. She adapts very well to any situation.

Melissa: JF is an amazing leader and colleague. His work experience and ability to adapt allows him to expertly guide his team through periods of change (which is the only constant at GDI!). His organization skills are unparalleled. What I appreciate most about JF is his ability to remain unfailingly positive, collaborative and dedicated even in the most challenging situations.

What’s your colleague’s bad work habit?

JF: She brings candy into the office… but we all love it…

Melissa: He eats the candy!

What was your favourite project that you worked on together recently?

JF: Reworking the Brand Book and developing a process for building campaigns with our respective teams.

Melissa: Our first official “omni-channel” seasonal campaign for Back to School 2016. We established a new way of approaching and developing campaigns. The resulting “Jeans You Love” campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customer.

What’s the secret behind your successful collaboration?

Both: Team work, alignment and HAVING FUN!!

Meet Amineh and Yvan

Amineh is Senior Mobile Product Specialist and Yvan is Director of Product Management (PMO). She works on delivering an optimal customer experience through our digital platforms while Yvan’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the IT teams involved in GD’s technology projects are able to collaborate with the business teams to deliver the solutions requested by the organization.

Describe each other in one word.

Amineh: Yvan is collected.

Yvan: Amineh is passionate.

What’s your colleague’s morning drink of choice?

Amineh: He drinks coffee—always Starbucks. Yvan always comes in the morning with two coffees in a tray, one for him and one for a colleague.

Yvan: Olympico coffee—it’s her favourite!

What makes your colleague such a good partner?

Amineh: Yvan is always calm and optimistic. He can assess and isolate action plans in the face of arising issues to keep pushing the team forward. It’s always a pleasure to discuss with him about uncertainties. He keeps us motivated and looking to solutions.

Yvan: Amineh is able to stay sane in the face of what seems like an unending flow of design and user experience change requests. She welcomes change and understands that improving the experience is the key to our success.

What’s your colleague’s bad work habit?

Amineh: Yvan has chocolates/donuts at his desk. We are always tempted to grab something when visiting his office. That being said, I don’t know if it’s his bad habit or mine since I can’t resist…

Yvan: Amineh is perfect—no bad habits to report! (She had me sign a non-disclosure agreement so I wouldn’t be able to tell you anyway.)

What was your favourite project that you worked on together recently?

Amineh: The Garage and Dynamite loyalty programs as well as our soon-to-be-launched apps are the projects we worked on together. The complexity of them and all their elements really required us to work in sync to make sure we were always aligned. They wouldn’t have been a success without Yvan’s dedication, reliability and insights.

Yvan: I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on the launch of our loyalty program. I love her energy and fresh perspective on pushing our customer experience to the next level. She’ll be a good ally in the future to turn inspirational ideas into reality.

What’s the secret behind your successful collaboration?

Amineh: I think we make a good team because we both care about the quality of work delivered. We can easily agree on the best experience we want to deliver to customers and find creative ways to make that happen even when we have challenges.

Yvan: I think that, first and foremost, we’re both motivated and enjoy getting s**t done. A problem, a bug, a bad delivery, criticism, or change of strategy, we both see those as bumps along the journey.

The perfect fit – Part II

This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating friendships! We spend so much time together that we’re bound to establish close ties with our colleagues. We identified six pairs that work especially close with one another, and asked them fun questions about their workplace relationship.

Keep reading for a closer look at two of GD’s favourite work duos!

Meet Jessica and Carolynn

Jessica is Project Manager for Construction. She orchestrates the construction and renovation of stores and Head Office; she orders furniture, runs the schedule with our contractors and ensures everything is delivered on time!

Carolynn is Senior Brand Specialist for Store Design. She creates the general concepts for both banners and Head Office, and designs new fixtures and furniture with her team.

Describe each other in one word.

Both: Bubbly. We feed off each others’ energy, which can get out of control at times! 😉

What’s your colleague’s morning drink of choice?

Jessica: Carolynn has a McDonald’s coffee with two milks.

Carolynn: Jessica has a latte first and then a black coffee.

Both: Don’t talk to us before that…

What makes your colleague such a good partner?

Jessica: We are sooo cool. We just roll with it.

Carolynn: We are always on the same page.

What’s your colleague’s bad work habit?

Jessica: Carolynn is a bit of a control freak… <3

Carolynn: We are both last minute. We LOVE pressure, but Jessica is easy-going so we balance each other out.

What was your favourite project that you worked on together recently?

Jessica: So many! Cutting plastic in a hotel room in Edmonton to create splinter-free shelves is a good one!

Carolynn: Sharing a “romantic” pizza and spaghetti meal in Freehold, New Jersey, at a store opening!

What’s the secret behind your successful collaboration?

Both: We always make it work.

Meet Hossein and Hany

Hossein is Outbound Processing Manager and Hany is Inbound Processing Manager. They literally are the heart of our Distribution Centre, regulating its daily pulse. Hossein manages storage and shipment of outgoing deliveries, sent to stores or directly to customers, while Hany is responsible for coordinating unpacking and storage of incoming merchandise delivered by our manufacturers.

Describe each other in one word.

Hossein: Hany is devoted.

Hany: Hossein is passionate.

What’s your colleague’s morning drink of choice?

Hossein: He likes tea

Hany: He has coffee.

What makes your colleague such a good partner?

Hossein: He’s reliable.

Hany: He gets s**t done.

What’s your colleague’s bad work habit?

Hossein: Hany can be impatient at times…

Hany: Hossein never answers his phone!

What was your favourite project that you worked on together recently?

Both: We led the DC reorganization together. Big changes swept through the GD campus last year and a lot of restructuring happened in the DC to make it work. We had to give up some of our space to the new Garage design centres and also welcomed a brand new mezzanine where the e-commerce shipping line was moved, supporting the growth and expansion of this branch of our business.

What’s the secret behind your successful collaboration?

Hossein: Loyalty.

Hany: Devotion.

The perfect fit – Part I

This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating friendship at work! We spend so much time together that we’re bound to establish close ties with our colleagues. We identified six pairs that work especially close with one another, and asked them fun questions about their one-of-a-kind relationship.

Keep reading for a closer look at two of GD’s successful work duos!

Meet Sophie and Caroline

Sophie is a Senior Designer and Caroline is a Product Manager, both for the Dynamite banner. Together, they develop, design, and manage merchandise to drive a product line that meets the brand’s vision.

Describe each other in one word.

Sophie: Caroline is positive!

Caroline: Sophie is inspiring!

What’s your colleague’s morning drink of choice?

Both: We drink the same thing!! Long, double espresso in a cup, made by Renée at the Atrium.

What makes your colleague such a good partner?

Both: We’ve cultivated a good team spirit; we have the same vision of our client, as well as the same sense of aesthetics. We laugh often, and we are open to comments, criticisms and suggestions from each other.

What’s your colleague’s bad work habit?

Sophie: Caroline always forgets something somewhere!! Her calculator, her notes, her water bottle!

Caroline: Sophie gets stressed… easily! Her stress reliever: chips and coke!

What was your favourite project that you worked on together recently?

Both: Putting together the new collection with our team was definitely the project that kept us on our toes and was most challenging.

What’s the secret behind your successful collaboration?

Sophie: We show the same love and dedication with regard to offering the best product, all while maintaining a vision that merges the idea of who our client is and how we want her to evolve.

Caroline: We re-evaluate ourselves often and we are detail-oriented.

Meet Safae and Natia

Natia is a Knitwear Designer and Safae is a Pre-production Manager, both for the Garage banner. While Natia’s role is to imagine and design Garage’s knitwear collection, Safae creates the patterns for the new silhouettes and coordinates their creation, from establishing the standard measurements to distributing the workload in the sewing room.

Describe each other in one word.

Safae: Natia is respectful.

Natia: Safae is very kind-hearted.

What’s your colleague’s morning drink of choice?

Safae: She likes cappuccinos.

Natia: She has a black coffee with brown sugar.

What makes your colleague such a good partner?

Safae: Natia takes the time to listen and understand.

Natia: She listens to my point of view and helps, with her expertise, to execute ideas to their greatest potential.

What’s your colleague’s bad work habit?

Both: Honestly? We can’t think of any. 😉

What was your favourite project that you worked on together recently?

Both: Reworking and perfecting the swimwear collection!

What’s the secret behind your successful collaboration?

Safae: She understands the added value of acquiring knowledge from all functional departments.

Natia: We have respect for each other’s ideas and suggestions.

Spotlight on Sarah Iantosca

Sarah Iantosca’s illustrious career has been highlighted by Academos as an inspiration for the next generation of young people who would like to get involved in the fashion industry.

Sarah is a Junior Product Manager for Dynamite. She made her debut at Groupe Dynamite four years ago as a Merchandising Assistant. 

Academos is an organization that has been connecting 14- to 30-year-olds with the realities of the working world, free of charge, and this for the past 16 years. It allows them to realize their professional projects, encourages them to stay in school, helps to improve graduation rates and prepares them for the future.

Through its videos, Academos hopes to revamp the way young people find their dream jobs and to help them find what they’re really passionate about!


Our Distribution Centre


Our Distribution Centre is a seven-day-a-week operation with a team of dedicated people faithfully executing processes in order to meet ever increasing deadlines, in a quick and efficient manner.

It is not merely a warehouse used for the storing of goods. The Distribution Centre is where all the magic happens! Driven by the constantly growing expectations of our clientele, we are able to develop ways to deliver product faster than ever.

Our team is one of dependable and hard working people who work in great synergy and support each other like family would to reach excellence.


  • 103 employees
  • 26 employees with more than 10 years of service
  • 1,500 boxes shipped daily
  • 27 million units shipped annually to our stores
  • 3 million E-commerce units processed annually




Groupe Dynamite has many employees who constantly push their limits, both at work and in their personal lives. Stephane Parsons, Director, Total Rewards, is one of these employees, distinguishing himself by his desire to constantly beat his best performance. For him, it’s never good enough! Ex judo champion and now a triple Ironman, Stephane has truly found a perfect fit with GD, having spent 11 years working at the heart of a company where an emphasis on performance is omnipresent.

Q1: Which qualities that distinguish you at GD would make all the difference during a race? Persistance and discipline.

Q2: Is the preparation for an Ironman competition mostly mental or physical? It’s both because when your body starts to give up (which is inevitable), your head takes over and your thoughts push you to continue.

Q3: What is your biggest challenge? Juggling work, 9 hours of training each week, and family… it’s quite the challenge!

Q4: How do you face adversity? At work, I try to get a global sense of things and to take a step back with regard to the situation at hand in order to make the best decision. As an athlete, you must accept the fact that you will have to face many situations: changing weather conditions, physical pain, mechanical problems, etc. You have no choice but to adapt if you want to reach the finish line.

Q5: What are your goals for the future? At work, I’d like to continue with my development while creating and implementing programs that would benefit the company. In terms of sports, I think I have reached the pinnacle!

Q6: What are you most proud of? At work, I’m proud of my team and all the work we accomplish together on a daily basis. Above all, I’m most proud of being able to show my two kids that it’s possible to accomplish anything you want in life, as long as you put all the necessary effort into it.

Q7: After three Ironman competitions, are you ready to leave the sport? I recently asked myself, “Are you ready to sit out the next competition, to skip your turn and not be part of the celebrations?” To this day, my answer is “no.”

Stephane participated in the Mont-Tremblant Ironman competition on August 21st, which consisted of 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of biking, and 42.2 km of running, which he completed in 12:46:17.

Mini Survey

  1. Your mentor/person who inspires you: Terry Fox
  2. One place in Montreal where we would run into you: Mont-Tremblant! 🙂
  3. Your favourite clothing item/accessory: Jeans, t-shirt and a baseball cap 
  4. Your style icon: Paul Walker
  5. Your daily ritual: Hugging my kids every morning before I leave for work
  6. Your dream destination:Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden
  7. The word you use most often:“Go go go”
  8. In high school, you dreamt of becoming…an F1 driver 
  9. To take your mind off of things, you… work on some renovation projects
  10. Your guilty pleasure: a few not-so-manly songs on my girlfriend’s iPhone

Helena Dalamagas, Product Manager

Q&A with a Mentor from our Graduate Rotational Program.

Q1: What qualities make a grad stand out?

It is really about having that passion for learning, as well as being able to adapt quickly! No two days are the same! You really need to be able to take daily challenges and run with them. 

Q2: As a mentor, how do you contribute to their journey?

My main goal as a mentor is to be transparent and open. I’m also there to answer any questions/concerns they might have along the way.

Q3: What values do you want to instill in them?

The key value that I hope to foster in the grads during this experience is humility. These new graduates are the best of the best and have been selected to work here for a reason. My hope is that they continue to want to learn and grow, and that they truly appreciate this amazing program we offer as a company!

Q4: What key lessons do you want to leave them with?

My entire career, I have thrived on being a hard worker and a team player, and embraced all challenges that were thrown at me! I believe this is so important for the growth of any employee and I truly hope the grads can take that away from the time we spend together.

Q5: What tips would you give to students to ensure that they make the best of the Graduate Rotational Program?

Ask questions!!!

Q6: In your opinion, which elements create a successful relationship between a mentor and a mentee?

It’s all about being open and honest. Trust the mentors’ experience; passing on our knowledge is key to their success.  

Mini Survey

  1. Your mentor/person who inspires you: My mom is my biggest inspiration! 
  2. Your favourite clothing item/accessory: My Top Shop wrap-around sandals! 
  3. One place in Montreal where we would run into you: At my husband’s restaurant, Restaurant New Milano!!! 
  4. Your style icon: I love Kendall Jenner’s style! 
  5. Your favourite trend right now: Midi dresses
  6. Your dream destination: Saint-Tropez, France
  7. The word you use most often: “A smidge”
  8. In high school, you dreamt of becoming… A teacher! 
  9. To take your mind off of things, you… Take a bath! 
  10. Your guilty pleasure: I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians! 

Click here to learn more about our Graduate Rotational Program.

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Nathalia Liendo, Finance

Q&A with a Graduate from our Spring 2016 Graduate Rotational Program.

Q1: Before beginning your experience with us, what did you hope to gain from the Graduate Rotational Program? What were your expectations?

I knew that it was going to be a very busy 8 weeks, but full of projects and valuable lessons.

Q2: What were some key lessons that you learnt during the program’s 8 weeks?

The fashion industry changes constantly and it’s surprising to see at which level the departments maintain their stability and continue to collaborate, despite these changes. Everything is interrelated.

Q3: Which job surprised you the most?

Working in the Distribution Centre. It’s incredible to see the amount of orders we receive and how they’re handled! Having studied logistics and operations management, the experience was truly exciting and inspiring. 

Q4: Which project or accomplishment are you most proud of?

I loved working on a project with the Regional Product Intelligence (RPI) team. It was a very realistic experience that made me feel like I was in the shoes of an RPI specialist! I attended conference calls with different stores to further analyze the performance of certain styles. It was very gratifying. 

Q5: How was your integration at Groupe Dynamite?

Before starting the rotations, we benefited from two weeks of integration with all 21 graduates. This allowed us to create strong bonds with each other, and I immediately felt reassured. We became like a small family!

Q6: What would you say to someone who is interested in the Graduate Rotational Program but won’t dare apply for it?

No one should hesitate to apply for this! It’s really an amazing experience. I think it’s the best way to expose yourself to the company’s vision. The more we get to know the company, the better we can perform in this industry.

Q7: How would you describe the mentors’ role? How have they influenced your experience at Groupe Dynamite?

The mentors are very involved. They are so passionate about their work, making the experience that much more rewarding. They know how to pique our curiosity and this makes us want to learn even more. 

Q8: What important lesson did you learn from a mentor? Do you think it will be useful in your career?

Think before you act and do one thing at a time. Because we are in the process of learning, there is a strong desire to want to understand things quickly and to participate in every single project. I learnt the importance of having an overall perspective of projects in which I am involved, but making sure to concentrate on one thing at time.

Mini Survey

  1. Your mentor/person who inspires you: My parents! 
  2. Your favourite clothing item/accessory: My rings because they each represent a special stage in my life. 
  3. One place in Montreal where we would run into you: Either at an ice cream shop or a Chinese restaurant
  4. Your style icon: Classic one: Coco Chanel!
  5. Your favourite trend right now: Ripped jeans and cold shoulder t-shirt 
  6. Your dream destination: Hawaii
  7. The word you use most often: OMG!
  8. In high school, you dreamt of becoming… a doctor 🙂 
  9. To take your mind off of things, you… listen to some good Latin music and relax. 
  10. Your guilty pleasure: Dairy Queen ice cream, especially the cheesecake Blizzard, yummy!

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