At the end of every sprint on Friday, while sitting on our big comfy couches in our casual open space, we learn from the 8π & Brain squads who present impacts delivered during the sprint. Whether they are releasing cool features for the Store Associates app or a near-real-time Omni-channel inventory memcache system for other teams to reuse, there is always something to learn. This is also a perfect occasion for anyone in the company who wishes to attend these public demos to give feedback and suggest new features for the product line. It’s amazing to see how the products consistently evolve from one iteration to another.

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Bonjour from Paris

We’re excited to highlight another employee’s adventurous trip of a lifetime! Part-time employee, Adam A., was recognized for his dedication and top sales performance for the last quarter, and was eligible for a trip to the destination of his choice through the Travel-the-World recognition program.

“I got to see the fashion capital Paris in France, as well as Scotland with a few layovers in Dublin and London! I even got to visit some family while travelling! Although I cannot sum it up in one word, I will always refer to my trip experience as DAZZLING!!!”

Looks like Adam had an impressive packed itinerary!

Let’s dance!

Fashion retail inspires us to bring our most driven, curious, innovative and creative selves to work every day.

We love what we do and have tons of fun doing it!

We feel it’s a privilege to create beautiful products and build meaningful partnerships with our colleagues while leaving our mark in the retail world. We’re dreamers with a golden heart, going against the tides, thinking outside the box. Sometimes, we even have a few seconds to spare to let loose and bust a move!

See for yourself, and get an exclusive peek at our very own GD Anthem 😉




Prior to the holiday break, all employees gathered in our Atrium for an action-packed Annual Meeting. Our Executives presented the Company’s strategic highlights for the months to come and our Design teams showcased the Garage and Dynamite spring 2019 collections in two inspiring fashion shows–complete with a bustling cheerleading number!


We ended things on a high note with our traditional Holiday Party.

A pink and blue funfair welcomed our guests as hors d’oeuvres were passed around.

The night was a huge success thanks to our in-house DJ, live sax player and delicious holiday feast, including a festive dessert table full of colourful cake pops, s’mores and cotton candy bites.

Behind the jeans – All you want to know about jeans!

Our Denim team participated in a 4-video miniseries called “Behind the jeans”, shared on our Garage website and our social media. In these videos, our denim experts, through quizzes or challenges, share maintenance tips, explain the process behind creating jeans and answer a few questions to test their denim knowledge!

Filmed over the course of one day with 11 members from our Head Office’s Denim team, this mini-series was made to entertain and educate you about one of our feature product from Garage’s fall campaign! Our team had a lot of fun with this project and we hope you discovered more about our favorite and timeless staple: jeans!


  • Put your jeans in the dryer? Never wash your jeans?

Discover surprising answers about the do’s and don’ts related to the maintenance of your jeans in video # 1! What’s the difference between mom jeans and girlfriend jeans? Which style is best for each silhouette?


  • What’s the difference between mom jeans and girlfriend jeans? Which style is best for each silhouette?

In video # 2, you’ll find all the info on all the different types of jeans!

  • Jeans: research, teams, tests, final products and in-store delivery. All explained in 90 seconds!

In video # 3, discover the creative process behind the jeans you find in our stores!

  • We test our experts’ knowledge!

Our Denim team was put to the test in video # 4 by answering a short quiz to test their knowledge!

Happy screening!



Boho BBQ

True to tradition, we took advantage of one of summer’s last hot sunny days to get together and enjoy delicious grilled food during our summer BBQ.

Everyone enjoyed tasty and festive dishes; poke bowls, tacos, gourmet fries, waffles, churros and margaritas were among the favorites on the menu.

It was also an opportunity for our leaders to put on their aprons and work the grill to serve more than 600 people!

This great summer rendezvous, eagerly awaited each year, offers everyone a well-deserved break before entering the fall season!


Right now, everyone at GD is in back-to-school mode: it’s our biggest season and we are so pumped about it! To prepare for the big transition, our Visual team worked tirelessly with our Marketing and Creative teams all summer long. Stores across Canada, the USA and the Middle East will be revamped to reflect our “New jeans. New rules” fall campaign.

Garage Clothing is a huge denim and back-to-school destination for girls all over North America! This fall, there’s a lot of hype around the varsity look and pairing it with your favourite denim to create the ultimate OTP (one true pairing). Our stores will feature jeans, jeans and more jeans! We’ll introduce new fits, new washes, new lengths and much more. We’re also reinventing our basics, adding more fleece and loading up on leggings. Girls will be able to get all of their BTS essentials at Garage!

Other exciting news for BTS is the Sierra Furtado collaboration with GRG! The special collection will be available in 70 stores as of August 13, followed by meetup events in Toronto and L.A. where girls can meet Sierra live!

Our Creative Services team plays an important role in the storytelling. The team develops stories to present our collection. Strong visual merchandising has a huge impact on the customer experience and it’s the key to making the customer’s journey unique and special.

Here’s a sneak peek of our BTS campaign!


263 stores revamped

A total of 87,254 visual signs developed, produced and distributed in-store

Dressing of 45 mannequins for a month which represent over 10 000 mannequins in-store to be changed

28 weeks working on campaign before concept hit the stores, which means our teams worked on BTS campaign as of mid-January

Up to 56 window alterations

1,070 Timbits consumed by the teams to help keep the energy up!!

Shop the fall  2018 collection now!

Discover GD’s Head Office and all of its ergonomic spaces!

Groupe Dynamite’s Head Office is where a ton of ideas come to life, where important decisions are made, and where our products are created. Working at Head Office means that we get to work in areas that encourage productivity and collaboration among employees thanks to an inspiring work environment that fosters creativity and imagination! Our innovative work space is one of the reasons for which we’ve been named one of Montreal’s Top Employers for 2018!

Our offices include…

  • Ergonomic, open spaces with large windows that allow natural light to come in
  • 14 meeting rooms that are surrounded by glass
  • A lounge area with couches and cushions (can’t beat that!)
  • A photo studio
  • 2 mock stores (one for each banner) in order to develop visual guidelines
  • A tunnel that links both of our buildings to encourage interdepartmental exchange

Our Design Centres are made up of… 

  • Adaptable and bright work spaces that allow us to bring our imagination to life
  • 58 Design Centres
  • 15,000 square feet of creative space

Our Atrium is…

The heart of our campus! This is where our people can connect and collaborate. 

  • 10,000 square feet that include:
    • A training room
    • A market-style cafeteria (healthy menus, meals for takeout)
    • A rooftop terrace with outdoor tables and chairs so people can eat and relax

Our Distribution Centre consists of…

  • A space of 100,000 square feet
  • 140 employees
  • A team that works 7 days a week


Time to get out of the office and into the sunshine! Our Distribution Centre Team was treated to an exclusive boat experience where they cruised down the St. Lawrence River and indulged in a 3-course gourmet meal while enjoying the view of Montreal.  

This token of appreciation is our way of recognizing their hard work, boosting morale and maintaining the team’s high energy! This bonding moment was the perfect opportunity for our employees to connect, have fun, and be proud to be a part of the GD family!