Bonjour from Paris

We’re excited to highlight another employee’s adventurous trip of a lifetime! Part-time employee, Adam A., was recognized for his dedication and top sales performance for the last quarter, and was eligible for a trip to the destination of his choice through the Travel-the-World recognition program.

“I got to see the fashion capital Paris in France, as well as Scotland with a few layovers in Dublin and London! I even got to visit some family while travelling! Although I cannot sum it up in one word, I will always refer to my trip experience as DAZZLING!!!”

Looks like Adam had an impressive packed itinerary!


Just like that, another holiday season has come and gone. Throughout these last few months, I’ve probably asked myself on countless occasions what day, month, or year it was. I also asked myself what I ever did to deserve to be in the midst of the holiday shopping chaos as I refolded the jeans in the denim wall for the 30th time in one day, attempted the impossible by trying to get a parka, sweater and shirt on one mannequin or ran around the store grabbing sizes for what seemed like every girl or woman in the city. But I made it and all people who work in retail made it! While the list of challenges that come along with the holiday season might seem daunting at times, the memories and successes experienced with our teams far outweigh the negatives.



With the hustle and bustle of that time of year, I got to build incredible relationships between our teams. Having people at work that make my days count only ensures that the hours go by quicker and that they are more enjoyable. It challenges us to work harder and more efficiently, and obviously allows us to appreciate the undoubtedly ridiculously good sense of humour everyone at Groupe Dynamite has. But mostly, we get to support one another and build each other up to perform at our best.

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Need I say more? Is there any better feeling than wearing the latest trends and knowing you got it for a great price, and all because you work for Groupe Dynamite?! I think not.   


If there is one thing that is guaranteed in retail, it’s that you collect the best stories. Whether it’s a mom that came in with an adorably cute baby who danced to the store’s music, the girl who needed help finding the perfect dress for her first semi-formal dance, or regular customers that needed help getting styled from head to toe for an incredible price, it’s all these little moments that make it all worthwhile, and that make working in retail just too much fun. 

Cheers to a new year and to more friends, clothes and stories to enjoy along the way!


Maraki Kifle

Store Manager, Ottawa

Pay It Forward

Groupe Dynamite pays it forward to Huellas De Pan, a non-profit organization that works to provide nutritious food to children and families in need in Mexico. As part of the President’s Club recognition trip to Mexico, we donated toys, clothing and cleaning supplies to support the organization’s mission. It was a wonderful, fun and heartwarming event. We laughed, cried, and enjoyed this rewarding experience as we put smiles on kids’ faces. This was definitely an amazing way to create a positive impact by connecting and giving back to a local community!  

Recognition from the top

Our President’s Club honours the best of our sales force. Our TOP 25 winners were rewarded with the trip of a lifetime: roundtrip airline tickets, a 5-day stay at the all-inclusive ME Cancún Hotel in Mexico, and exciting sight-seeing and team-based activities! Being part of our President’s Club is the true sign of an outstanding achievement, so keep up the good work, and we hope to see you next year. Check out some of the highlights of the trip, such as outings, discovering the trails of Xcaret, connecting with the local community and soaking up the sun!