6 Grads, 6 Questions, 6 Lessons

Six new graduates proudly completed our Graduate Rotational Program. For the past 8 weeks, they worked in different areas of the business, learning from a variety of mentors while enjoying an unforgettable experience. We could write all about their experiences, but we believe it’s best that you hear it directly from them.

Marie-Soleil Chevalier 

Your style icon: Blake Lively

A song you have in your head these days: “Toutes les femmes savent danser” by Loud

Before you began your experience with us, what did you hope to gain from the Graduate Rotational Program? What were your expectations?

I have to say that I was quite pleased that a program like this exists. Because I had never worked full time in the past, I was scared that I’d be a little lost at first. I mostly expected to feel supported and to gain a better understanding of the company, my role and its impact. It’s inspiring to know what people do on a daily basis and how they achieve success.  

Lesson learned?

The impact that each department has on another. Everyone works together to ensure Groupe Dynamite’s success.  

sarah duchaine

The word you use most often: Miam!

A place in Montreal where we’d run into you: At the Jean-Talon market

How was your integration at Groupe Dynamite?

I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome I received. During the first week, we’re introduced to the company. We have a meeting with our mentor, who trains and supports us throughout the program. The integration was easy for me because I had several resource people that I could turn to if I had any questions or for assistance in my new role. 

Lesson learned?

My mentor taught me that it was normal to make mistakes and to ask for help. It’s important that you are not left with unanswered questions; you have to inform yourself.   

Katrina Dessureault

One place in Montreal where we would run into you: Boxing at 30 Minute Hit

Dream destination: South Africa

During the rotation, which position surprised you the most?

I would have to say Sourcing. Going into the Grad Program, I knew what most departments’ roles were; however, Sourcing surprised me with how many relationships they have to create and nurture with suppliers. Even seeing the amount of work that the Sourcing Specialist in my BU does, it is easy to tell how important that position is for the business.

Lesson learned?

Ask questions! Something so simple, and yet most people are too shy or feel like they are overstepping. People love to talk about their experiences, so take advantage of that willingness to learn something new and ask the questions that you want/need to ask.

Mélia buonocore

Book that’s currently on your night stand:Central Park” by Guillaume Musso

Your guilty pleasure: Sleeping in

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the final project that we presented to the Executive team. We were able to produce a high-quality project in one month, I believe. At first, we took off in a bunch of different directions and we weren’t sure where to align ourselves. We used each of our strengths and inspired ourselves from what we were learning in the different departments in order to complete the assignment that was given to us.

Lesson learned?

Always be prepared for last-minute schedule changes and manage your time properly as new tasks are always being added. What’s more, the company is under constant change and, as such, you need to know how to adapt quickly and have an open mind.

lisa galfré

Person who inspires you: Michelle Obama

Your guilty pleasure: Mille-feuille pastry

 How would you describe the mentors’ role? How have they influenced your experience at Groupe Dynamite?

The mentors are there to assist and support us throughout the program and especially during really busy times. They play a key role in our integration and training.

 Lesson learned?

Everything is a matter of organization, motivation, and passion! If we love what we do, we’ll be motivated and better organized!

ashley galloway

Favourite clothing item: A beige knit cardigan I bought from Garage in 2008 – it’s still my favourite 10 years later

Favourite trend right now: Wide-leg pants

What would you say to someone who is interested in the Graduate Rotational Program but won’t dare apply for it?

DO IT! There are certain things in life that a textbook can’t teach you—you get such valuable first-hand experience and get to meet so many great people.

Lesson learned?

Speak your mind—even if nobody agrees with you, it’s important that you give your opinion and share ideas.

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