Discover GD’s Head Office and all of its ergonomic spaces!

Groupe Dynamite’s Head Office is where a ton of ideas come to life, where important decisions are made, and where our products are created. Working at Head Office means that we get to work in areas that encourage productivity and collaboration among employees thanks to an inspiring work environment that fosters creativity and imagination! Our innovative work space is one of the reasons for which we’ve been named one of Montreal’s Top Employers for 2018!

Our offices include…

  • Ergonomic, open spaces with large windows that allow natural light to come in
  • 14 meeting rooms that are surrounded by glass
  • A lounge area with couches and cushions (can’t beat that!)
  • A photo studio
  • 2 mock stores (one for each banner) in order to develop visual guidelines
  • A tunnel that links both of our buildings to encourage interdepartmental exchange

Our Design Centres are made up of… 

  • Adaptable and bright work spaces that allow us to bring our imagination to life
  • 58 Design Centres
  • 15,000 square feet of creative space

Our Atrium is…

The heart of our campus! This is where our people can connect and collaborate. 

  • 10,000 square feet that include:
    • A training room
    • A market-style cafeteria (healthy menus, meals for takeout)
    • A rooftop terrace with outdoor tables and chairs so people can eat and relax

Our Distribution Centre consists of…

  • A space of 100,000 square feet
  • 140 employees
  • A team that works 7 days a week

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