Summer Vibes: How Garage’s Marketing Teams Created Their Latest Campaign

Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip with your friends to explore new places while listening to your fave playlists at full blast, or to just stop and take in the view and snap a few pics for Insta, or to feel the wind in your hair? This summer, the Garage Marketing Team stopped calling it a dream and made it a plan. “Let’s go somewhere!” is the theme behind our Garage’s summer 2018 campaign.

A crew of 25 people flew to California to bring this vision to life. Photographers, stylists, models, the Production Manager and Art Director, they were all there to set up their gear at some of the most iconic roadside attractions.

A lot of miles were traveled in order to get the final result.

At GD, ideas and concepts are generated in-house. Our Garage Marketing Team had several meetings and coffees before they came up with this story. Once the concept was locked in, the fun began! Our team wears many hats, from scouting for locations, storytelling, script writing and art direction, to styling, editing, and music selection, and they make sure that every little detail is brand-aligned.


  • The video was shot in two locations:
    • Club Ed Movie Set in Lancaster, California (where the pool was filled just for us!), is a famous movie set built in the high desert and used for many Hollywood movies and television shows. The television show “The O.C.” shot there. It was also most recently used as a set for “Truth or Dare” starring Lucy Hale!
    • Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon, California – You’ve probably seen pics of this place all over Instagram. It’s one of the most iconic roadside attractions. The exhibit features over 50 life-size dinosaurs. Lots of tourists make a stop there before heading to Coachella!
  • The car rented for the road trip portion of the campaign is an old 1986 Mercury station wagon!
  • This 47-second spot took 2 days to film.
  • We brought 2 fully loaded suitcases for the 32 outfits that were showcased.
  • We burned through 8 packs of fireworks before getting the right shot.
  • 53,629 pics were taken, 79 pics were featured in our campaign, and 13 packs of Polaroids were used.
  • 19,142 pics were shot for social media, International, and the March lookbook, and 119 pics were used in 10 mini clips and 16 boomerangs.
  • We spent 196 hours retouching photos in Photoshop.

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