A few lucky people here at Groupe Dynamite are tasked with travelling to the world’s fashion capitals (Paris, London, New York, oh my!) and reporting back with new and fresh ideas to delight our customers.

Patricia, Divisional Design Director for Garage, is one of these lucky people! She travels around the world to understand how the Garage brand would fit in the international market as well as to gain inspiration for future collections.

Patricia’s job is so cool that we decided to ask her a few questions about her travels…

Briefly describe your last shopping trip abroad.
Which cities did you visit and what was your mandate for the trip?

My last trip was an eye-opening one for me. I went to the Middle East and Europe. When I was in the Middle East, I learnt about the culture, the market, and understanding our client in that part of the world. The result of the trip was amazing because I now feel like I know our Middle Eastern customer.

We then went to Europe to shop for the brand. It was cool to do these two completely different markets in one trip because we were able to compare how big players, such as H&M, do things differently in Dubai versus London.

What’s your go-to airplane outfit?

A pair of high-waist leggings and a long-sleeve cropped tee. I definitely represent the Garage look while travelling.

When you travel, what are the key fashion items in your suitcase that you can’t leave without?

I always like to travel light and only take a carry-on because I hate losing my luggage. Therefore, I plan all key outfits in advance. If I am travelling to a hot country, I like to pack summer dresses because they are super easy to wear. You don’t need to think of an outfit because you can just throw it on. The same dress can look completely different by simply switching up the accessories.

What are your favourite stores to shop at while you are travelling?

There aren’t any specific stores I can think of, but I love to shop in Asian countries, such as Japan or South Korea. In Seoul, in the area around the university, there are many shops with very busy street fashion pieces. From one of these pieces I could get the inspiration to create a whole collection.

When abroad, what is your favourite…

  • Coffee shop?
    There are two spots that I love.
    1- Any coffee shop in Italy. I love the classic feeling.
    2- Kubrick Cafe in Hong Kong. I love this shop because it’s a book store and a coffee shop, and then there is a cinema with local movies right next to it.
  • Restaurant? 

I don’t have any. Usually, when I am travelling, I will wait until I’m hungry and explore the surrounding spots. That’s how I find the best hidden gems. I love to explore and never go back to the same place twice.

  • Place to get inspired?

Any new city. I am travel-crazy and LOVE to travel. Therefore, to really get inspired, I would go somewhere that I’ve never been before.

What is the number one trend you noticed on the runway during the latest Fashion Weeks?

The trend I have noticed is the mix of sport and feminine together. I find that the runways are coming back to the early 2000s.

What are three main trends you noticed locals wearing during your most recent trip?

In London, it is all about the tracksuit-inspired trend. Track is back in London.
They are also big on oversized matching ‘80s patterned suits; masculine chic.
I’ve also been seeing a lot of Paris Hilton type styles from the ‘00s.

If you could only travel to one of two destinations, which one would you choose?

  • Paris or London? London
  • New York or L.A.? L.A. Love the super chill vibe and I have tons of friends there.
  • Toronto or Montreal? Montreal

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