Groupe Dynamite Celebrates the Holiday Season

Once again this year, Groupe Dynamite got into the holiday spirit with the Kids Christmas Party and the Head Office Holiday Party.

The festivities began with the Kids Christmas Party. Our employees and their families were invited for a morning of excitement at Funtropolis in Laval where children spent the morning exploring the Funtropolis playground as well as participating in arts and crafts workshops. Everyone was excited to see that Santa Claus was able to make it all the way from the North Pole! This was a great opportunity for us to spoil our employees’ children with a pre-Christmas gift and a photo with Santa.

A growing excitement was felt in the company with the approach of the infamous renowned Groupe Dynamite Holiday Party. Our carnivalthemed bash was one to remember! The night was jam packed with entertainment, great food and awesome music. The party was kicked off with a steel pan drummer and brought to life with a Samba dance performance. Our employees know how to party and showed off their hidden skills on the dance floor!

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