From Concept to Shelves: The Sample Sewer

Siu-Hon Nung is one of our resident Sample Sewers. Her career at Groupe Dynamite started 12 years ago when her friend, a Pattern Maker at GD, told her about an open position. A Sample Sewer’s job is to produce samples of our collection’s garments following a pattern provided by one of our Pattern Makers. A Fit Model will then try on the sample. The Pattern Maker will note any adjustments and apply them to the pattern after which Siu-Hon will modify the sample accordingly. This process is repeated until the garment fits perfectly and is ready to be produced.

Siu-Hon has loved fashion and clothing since she was just a little girl living in China. When she turned 17, she really honed her sewing skills by practicing at home where she would sometimes make her own clothes.  Her passion was best expressed when she created her own evening gowns. Now at GD, she’s an expert at sewing pretty much anything.

Quick-fire questions

1 . What’s your favourite part of your job?

When I finish a sample and it turns out the way I wanted it to, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment!

2. What is your biggest challenge in our role?

Sometimes it can be difficult to create a garment the way we had imagined it; some fabrics are simply harder to work with than others.

3. What’s your favorite garment to create?

I like all of them! But I particularly like those that have a great fabric.

4. How many garments can you create in one day?

It depends on what I’m making that day. I can make 6 to 8 knit tops in one day! But if I’m making jackets, I can only put together 2 or 3 since it is more complex. . Not to mention all the zippers and buttons!

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