A GD-style urban legend!

Prizes, recognition, magic and unicorns, oh my! They’re all part of the urban-but-true legend that is our GDA Gala, which, this year, took place on May 16. Our Atrium was completely transformed for the occasion with magical and enchanting decor! The festive evening, which brought together more than one hundred people, included some musical performances, a gastronomic meal, and the presentation of prizes and distinctions.

Now that we were all together to celebrate the accomplishments of about thirty store employees, our Directors and Executives were ready to party! 

In all, 38 prizes in 18 different categories were presented by our store employees who distinguished themselves over the last year. 

For each celebration, Groupe Dynamite is proud to select winners according to the criteria for performance and excellence.  

After an emotional evening, our winners were able to take a few days to relax by going to a spa, after which they were transformed into stars for a photo shoot. Finally, a unicorn-filled cocktail marked the end of the Gala festivities! 

These are no ordinary pictures. They are authentic portraits, in full color!

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