Getting out of their comfort zone

We asked the grads from our 2016 September cohort to tell us which project got them out of their comfort zone during their 8-week rotation. Here’s what they had to say!

“Personally, I think our grad project was, without a doubt, what got me out of my comfort zone the most. We were tasked with analyzing the effects of the weather on the business’ performance, which we found very intriguing. After our major breakthrough moment, and after overcoming our initial obstacles, the project became that much more exciting! It was an absolutely gratifying moment for us when we got to present our findings to Executives at the end of the program, an opportunity we are all extremely grateful for.”

-Talal Halaseh

“What took me out of my comfort zone the most was definitely the final project. I had never really worked with Excel before and then suddenly had to work with a whole lot of data! At the end, we even got to present our results and analysis to a panel of executives! The Grad Program empowers you and gives you the confidence to achieve great things and that is something extremely precious to any new graduates starting their career. It is all worth it!”

-Léa Makabi-Boucher

“Looking back, there wasn’t really any particular moment that took me out of my comfort zone. I actually felt like I was in my element. This experience allowed me to become familiar with the company and its vision. The team work energized me and I enjoyed taking on the challenges that were presented to us. Meetings with the Executive team were inspiring and very enjoyable for me!”  

-Karine Bitton

“The dynamic retail environment makes every day in the Grad Program exciting. The most challenging moment was right before the grad project presentation. I felt the intensity because after weeks of research and preparation, it all came down to that moment. I had also never presented in front of so many influential people, where what is discussed can have a real impact! However, when we got started I was immediately motivated by the attentiveness and interactivity of the Executives.”

-Veronika Blach

“Spending a week in Marketing truly got me out of my comfort zone! Since my background is in finance, I was never exposed to all the elements that allow a company to be completely seamless in all of its channels (hence, the notion of omni-channel). It was incredible to see how much work goes into building a brand. I was left amazed by all the different teams and can now appreciate all the details, such as the visual layout in the store, the website’s interface, the content written from emails, the list goes on.”

-Keren Dahan

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