Meet our Fabric Team!

We sat down with the GD Fabric team to chat about their roles and challenges, and we got to learn some helpful fabric care and cleaning tips along the way!

Q1: What role does the Fabric team play at GD?

The team is mostly responsible for sourcing and developing the fabrics, from conceptualization to quality approval and fabric standardization for bulk production. We work closely with the Design and Import teams, as well as with suppliers and sourcing partners.

Q2: Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you stay informed on the latest fabric trends and findings?

By attending international fabric fairs in Europe and Asia, and by working closely with mills and doing regular market visits.

Q3: What is the main challenge you are facing right now?

We currently have to deal with post G20 production congestion at dyeing and finishing mills, which means we have to constantly push our suppliers to prioritize our fabric orders so that we can manufacture our garments on time.

Q4: At what point in the designing process does the Fabric team’s expertise come into play?

The Fabric team is involved at the very beginning of the creation of a garment since the choice of fabric and the understanding of its behaviour is an important part of a successful design.

Q5: What type of knowledge/academic training should one seek if he/she wants to choose this career path?

To make it in the fabric domain, you have to understand trends, product and design, and you must have a great sense of business and organization. You also need to study how fabric is created and what can or can’t be done with it (i.e., Can we make it softer? Can it be printed? Can we make it heavier or lighter? Etc.).

Mini Survey

  1. How do you remove a red wine stain from a white shirt? Do not scrub; dab the stain with a paper towel or a fabric cloth to absorb as much wine as possible. Spread salt all over the stain and pour boiling water over it.
  2. How do you remove ink from a white shirt (we tend to give our white shirts quite a hard time)? Place a clean cloth underneath the stained fabric. Apply hair spray until the stain is saturated. Blot with a damp cloth; do not rub. Repeat until the stain lifts, then wash in cold water. Make sure the stain is removed before putting the garment in the dryer as the heat will set the stain.
  3. What’s the best way to pack a suitcase in order to avoid wrinkles? Lay all your clothes flat, one on top of the other. Then fold all the sleeves and the hems together. Saves a ton of space!!!
  4. How do you wash your denim to prevent it from fading too quickly? Don’t wash it too soon or too often, break your jeans in first! If you need to wash it, use cold water, wash it inside out, use a very little amount of soap to prevent excessive colour fading, and do not use the dryer!  If you want to get rid of smells, you can fold and place your denim in a sealed bag and place it in the freezer for a few days. The cold will kill the bacteria causing the smell!
  5. What’s the best natural stain remover? White vinegar
  6. The must-have fabric to stay on trend for fall 2016? Tencel blends
  7. Which fabric is the easiest to take care of? Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester
  8. What’s the most breathable fabric for sportswear? New generations of technical fabrics are created to wick moisture away from the body—it evaporates on the surface, keeping you cool. Some of the trademarked synthetic wicking fabrics that you should be looking for are suplex, tacte and dri-fit.
  9. What’s the softest fabric? Vicuna wool
  10. What’s the best fabric to keep you warm? Wool
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