Meet Sheena. An accomplished, passionate and devoted Divisional Merchandise Director for the Dynamite brand. She oversees the denim, outerwear and woven (bottoms) Buying teams.

Sheena joined Groupe Dynamite five years ago as a Product Manager. Prior to that, she wore many hats at different retailers and even worked in the United States. Ever since she’s set foot in this industry, she’s been climbing the ladder. With a strong business acumen and dedication to her work, Sheena’s career is progressing fast.

Her competitiveness is what motivates her to always go the extra mile. It’s all about how she can make it better! Her stimulating team keeps her motivated; they love to challenge each other in different ways.


In her opinion, the people that stand out in this industry are people that speak up. If you want to be a buyer and a leader, you need to be able to have an opinion. Persuasion is key.  “Every day, I’m selling an idea that I want people to buy. As much as I believe in the product, everyone else has to believe in it too.”


Her advice to anyone wanting to make it in the fashion world: be perseverant. “You have to be in it because you love what you do.” This is a career. It’s so rewarding when you get to a position where you start seeing the repercussions of your decisions, which are directly contributing to the success of the company.

As a buyer, you need to understand the reasoning behind every single decision, behind every single button, zipper, and colour that you choose. You need to understand the customer, the market. “Being able to listen and understand the mindset behind your leaders is so important, as it will allow you to learn fast and grow.”


What is next for Sheena? She just loves being a merchant and can’t see herself doing anything else. But opportunities are endless at Groupe Dynamite, so you never know what to expect!


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