We asked our interns what kept them busy this summer! Here’s what some of them had to say:

The Back-to-School/Fall 2016 campaigns for both Garage and Dynamite kept me very busy. I was heavily involved in deploying the communication strategy for all store employees. From content creation to developing communication tools, I helped make sure that the teams were aligned. I also got to be involved in a new initiative called R.I.S.E. which aims to increase store efficiency. All very interesting!



Intern, Sales & Operations

I spent my summer looking for inspiration and letting my creativity loose! I surfed the web, flipped through books and magazines, and searched for current worldly exhibitions, all in preparation for the upcoming Holiday 2016 campaign. Once everyone’s inspirations came together, I was in charge of creating mood boards and presenting them to Executives. I truly felt like I was a part of what will be our next Holiday campaign and it amazes me how everyone’s contributions came together.


Intern, Visual | Dynamite

We got to develop and fit our own garments! From the styles provided by a designer, we had to develop the patterns and have them printed and sewed. Once the samples were made, we worked with the designer, our supervisors and a Fit Model to make the proper corrections for the perfect fit. This helped us realize that millions of little steps are involved in the process!

We’re so proud of the finished result and even prouder to have been able to be involved in every part of the process. We were able to take all the knowledge we learned in school and apply it in a context closer to the reality of the industry.



Interns, Sourcing

My summer internship took me out of my comfort zone! I got to learn a completely different approach to design which made me grow as a graphic designer. This experience made me realize the difference between school and work force. That being said, having my work included in Dynamite’s February print selection was definitely my biggest accomplishment.



Intern, Graphic Design | Dynamite

I spent the summer doing what I love… design! I was given the task of designing various promotional accessories, like makeup cases and portable coffee cups! I also had the chance to participate in the production of the Concept Book; what an amazing opportunity! This was such a rewarding experience, and I’m so proud that several of my prints will be in our upcoming collections!


Intern, Graphic Design | Dynamite

I had the chance to work on the planning and execution of the Dynamite booth for the Festival Mode & Design. This project was so inspiring because it allowed me to participate concretely to the outreach of the brand during one of Montreal’s must-see fashion events. In addition to coordinating all of the activities surrounding the Festival, from the fashion show to the installation of the booth, I also helped in the organization of the on-site VIP media event. Since day one of my internship, the team welcomed me like as if I was part of the family. What makes me most proud about this project was that I was able to see it take shape from beginning to end!


Intern, Marketing | Dynamite


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