GD Culture For The Young

Groupe Dynamite is extremely happy to have been recognized as one of the top employers for young Canadians in 2016. Every year, Canada’s Top Employers for Young People honours companies whose efforts contribute to the creation of programs meant to mold tomorrow’s leaders. Groupe Dynamite has committed to support the new generation of talent in the fashion and business industry. It is, therefore, with genuine pride that we are recognized in this respect. Among the many initiatives that differentiate us from other companies, we are most proud of our program for new graduates, where they take part in a rotation which gives them a chance to gain experience in seven of our departments and all levels of the company before beginning their role. Every spring, university and college graduates from fashion design and fashion marketing programs are offered a paid internship which lasts 12 weeks, allowing them to immerse themselves in their respective fields. The company also organizes several social events throughout the year such as recruitment cocktails, where graduates are invited to engage with our directors and VPs, as well as our President, Anna Martini. In addition to recruitment programs and events, we strive to create a working environment that encourages our employees to develop their full potential. We offer, among other things, financial aid to those who wish to pursue their academic studies, grants for obtaining professional licenses and certifications, as well as integration and continuing education programs for all of our young leaders at Head Office and in-store. Our employees are young–33% of them are in their twenties–and we want to give them a voice, and ensure a bright future for them. We are pleased with the rate of engagement recorded in 2015, which reached an average of more than 90%! At Groupe Dynamite, we believe that it’s the people who make all the difference. We are dedicated to investing in future generations and maintaining a work environment where everyone can flourish. This recognition from Canada’s Top Employers for Young People is proof of that, and we could not be more proud! For more information:

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