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Diaries of a Grad – Part 3

April 13, 2017

Diaries of a Grad – Part 3

Hi everyone!

Ready for another update? I have just completed the last three weeks of my rotation in the Marketing, Allocation and Merchandising departments!

I actually studied marketing in university, so I was very excited to see how this department functions in a fast-paced retail company like Groupe Dynamite. I had the opportunity to spend time with our E-commerce team, our Visual Merchandising team (they design the store concepts and decide how the clothes will be presented!), as well as our Creative Services team who work on all of our graphic design needs. Marketing is such a colourful department; everyone I met was so creative! My rotation group squad and I had a great time. Note: This screams “insert selfie here”, but we’re very camera-shy. 😉

^ The Visual Merchandising team walked us through our mock stores. The Groupe Dynamite campus has “fake” Dynamite and Garage stores where the Visual teams plan their store concepts! On our way to meetings, we like to stop by and make mental notes on what to look out for in stores for our upcoming shopping trips!

The last week of the rotation flew by. Despite arriving early and staying late, eating Atrium popcorn for dinner and being slightly sleep-deprived, this was one of my favourite weeks. Every team really came together to get ready for Friday’s presentation to the Executives, and we all did so well! I’m so proud of all of us and, most of all, I’m really going to miss having a real excuse to not make a lunch. 🙂

Now that the rotation is over, I have officially started my mandate as the Communications and Events Coordinator. In my next (and last) installment of this series, I will tell you guys all about what my real job is like and how great it is to not live out of a backpack. Now don’t mock me! Moving from one department to another on a weekly basis requires a solid travelling strategy; mine was a backpack. And I strongly recommend it to all future grads!

Weeks 6-7

Lowlight: I ran out of tea. I was too busy to even see it coming.

Highlight: My final presentation for the Grad Project. We were all a tiny bit nervous, but we had been working on this project for eight weeks and we were so happy to finally show the Executives what we are made of.