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Diaries of a grad – Part 2

March 14, 2017

Diaries of a grad – Part 2

I’m back!

Since my last article, I’ve been to three departments: Finance, Regional Product Intelligence (or as GD calls it, “RPI”) and Planning. So far, so good! My brain feels very full and very heavy, but in a good way. I feel very privileged to have a behind-the-scenes look at how one of my favourite retail stores operates.

I’ve really enjoyed all the departments so far, especially RPI! Regional Product Analysts (RPA) are basically experts in an assigned region of Groupe Dynamite’s market. The market differs greatly from one area to another, so it’s an RPA’s job to know a region’s customer preferences and to customize the clothing assortment to that market’s specific tastes. This is done in part through close collaboration between RPAs and Store Managers which I was able to witness during my rotations.

Us grads also have to complete a project assigned by top-level Executives during our rotation. We’re split into three teams and each one has to come up with recommendations for the company (yes, they actually implement them!). Unfortunately, I can’t give you any details, but apply for the program and maybe I can tell you about it when we cross paths. 😉

This is my team, hard at work, while I take a quick picture break. I may have also taken this opportunity to stop by the Atrium for a blueberry scone… The grads are low-key obsessed.

The GD Campus actually has two buildings, and a tunnel has recently been built to connect them. Walking down this tunnel is like walking down a runway: it has music, projections, and even current-season outfits hanging off the walls. Those 15 seconds are your time to shine! (Or trip and hope that no one noticed while you’re staring at the pretty, pretty outfits.)

^ This picture does not do the tunnel justice… Look at it while listening to The Weeknd and you’re close!

WEEKS 3-4-5

Highlight: Bonding with the other grads, eating ice cream outside during our lunch hour in Montreal’s signature -18⁰C weather.

Lowlight: Freezing until the next morning. Let it be known, however, that ice cream is always an appropriate snack.