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A Memorable Evening With the New Generation of Talent

June 6, 2016

A Memorable Evening With the New Generation of Talent

On May 5th, more than a hundred guests were brought together under our Atrium’s beautiful glass ceiling as part of our spring recruitment cocktail.

It was the perfect occasion for fashion graduates to meet with members of our Design and Marketing teams, in addition to a one-of-a-kind visit of our Head Office. With portfolios, appetizers and drinks in hand, our guests had the chance to discuss their projects and ambitions in a welcoming environment.

Anna Martini, President, and Andrew Lutfy, CEO, were also there to network with the graduates, giving them a brief presentation of the company and discussing the future of the fashion industry.

We are ecstatic to have been able to take part in this exchange with the new generation of talent. See you in November for our next recruitment cocktail!

MAY 2016 - COCKTAIL 032

Anna Martini posing with Groupe Dynamite ambassadors and fashion design students.


MAY 2016 - COCKTAIL 019

A student shares her portfolio.


MAY 2016 - COCKTAIL 015

Our delicious appetizers offered by the Atrium.


MAY 2016 - COCKTAIL 013

A candidate chats with Groupe Dynamite directors.


MAY 2016 - COCKTAIL 039

Andrew Lutfy meets with the future generation of talents.


MAY 2016 - COCKTAIL 011A student shows her portfolio to two Groupe Dynamite designers.